Build Your Magento store in Facebook in less than 5 minutes

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Beetailer puts your Magento store on Facebook. We give you tools for promoting it and detailed analytics about how well it is doing. Tens of thousands of stores, reaching millions of fans are already using our system. Learn more about

We have partnered with Bitnami to offer an easy to install distribution of Magento that already includes Beetailer pre-integrated. If you are new to Bitnami, you can learn more about its Cloud Hosting Service or download one of their Magento stacks.

How to get started with Bitnami and Beetailer?

  • Step 1

    Download and install a Magento stack from Bitnami.Beetailer will need to access this instance remotely, so it will need to be in a server with a public IP address. We recommend that you sign up for a free trial of Bitnami Cloud Hosting, which allows you to easily launch a pre-configured Magento server in the Amazon EC2 cloud, which will be publicly accessible.

  • Step 2

    Login as administrator to your Magento store. Assuming the domain name of your server is, the login URL will be The login credentials are what you specified during the installation process. Or, if you are using a virtual machine or Amazon Machine Image, the username is 'user' and the password is 'bitnami1'.

  • Step 3

    In that page you will see a new tab called 'Facebook store' where you can create a login for Beetailer or use your Facebook credentials. Your store will be automatically linked and displayed. It's that easy!