How it works


Connect your existing store to Beetailer. It is really easy, a wizard will guide you through the process until it is completed. Your store is live on Facebook! You can now customize it according to your needs through an easy-to-use interface. For example, show only a certain subset of your products.


Promote your brand and products. Take advantage of the tools we provide you to increase the reach of your business. Design specific campaigns for increasing the number of fans, comments or visits to your online store.


Detailed statistics Gain valuable insights through campaign results analysis, historical data and trends and detailed individual visitors’ information.


Streamlined purchase process. Maintain your existing checkout system. Once a Facebook user is ready to purchase, he will be sent to your existing ecommerce store purchasing page with the right items already placed in the shopping cart.

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Integrates with your existing store

No need to re-enter or migrate your product data. Beetailer will use your current catalog and stock information.


Promotions (New!)

Now you can promote your brand and products. Create and configure promotions to increase your number of fans and product comments. Analyze in real-time how well your campaigns are doing.


Onsite and Offsite Social Tools (New!)

Provide opportunities for users to become a fan or share purchases using Twitter or Facebook. Track this activity and measure its effectiveness.


Detailed Statistics (New!)

Get detailed historical information about your visitors preferences and behavior. Real time analytics tools allows you to find out which campaigns are working and why.



When users decide to buy the products displayed in Facebook, they are redirected to your checkout page where they complete the purchase. The integration is seamless and the shopping cart will contain the items selected by the user.


Hosted as a service

No software to install, configure or maintain. Improvements are available instantaneously and we take care of dealing with changes in the Facebook API.


Facebook Comment Integration (New!)

Comments made in your Facebook store can also be shown in your regular store, increasing its effectiveness.


Marketing tools (New!)

Automate promotions with convenient marketing tools, such as scheduling products to be posted in your wall at predefined time intervals, minimizing time required to manage your online Facebook presence.


Fully configurable

Control which products are displayed and in which order, create new tabs with customized lists of products, customize the look and feel of the store and much more, all from an easy-to-use control panel.


Multiple pages supported

You can have the same store in as many Fan Pages as needed. This is useful if you need to target different countries, languages or verticals using the same backend store.


Support for Multiple E-Commerce Platforms

Shopify and Magento supported, with many others coming soon. No custom development required, the integration will work out of the box. If you use a different platform, contact us to find when it will be supported



Beetailer makes setting up a Facebook store a simple and enjoyable process