Amazon Webstore installation help

Beetailer requires to connect with your Amazon Webstore API, so you should give Beetailer access to your store.

1. Grant us access to your Amazon Webstore

Before you can continue, you have to grant us access to your Amazon Webstore. Please follow the instructions below:

The main account holders can enable the APIs themselves by clicking this link:

Or by following this browse path:

  • Access the Webstore marketplace of their Webstore account.
  • Going to the Control Panel
  • Opening up the Developer Settings option in the Control Panel.
  • Enabling the APIs as described.

NOTE: Only the main account holder (the person that set up the account) can see this setting. Secondary account users are not shown this option at all so you will not see it with your account.

2. Install the Amazon Webstore Cart.

Beetailer offers users the ability to manage the purchase directly from Facebook. When they want to finish the purchase, their products are loaded directly into your shop and finally be able to complete the purchase in Amazon safely.

To enable users to do this we need you insert a file on your Amazon template. When a Facebook user wants to checkout this file will work to add the products on your Amazon cart.

1 - In the seller central control panel, click on Store Design -> Merchandising & Layout


2 - Then click on 'Properties', 'CSS and Script tags' and finally in the 'Add' button


3 - Download the following javascript file and upload it to your Amazon store

Download File


4 - Once you upload the file remember to publish the new version of your store


Important! The javascript file will appear only if you are using a custom domain ( for your store, if you are using a WebStore-provided domain name like or you need to change it as you can see here

At the end of this process you should be able to see the Beetailer javascript code in your page source code